Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Burritos: the original “wrap”

I had to laugh the first time I saw a “wrap” on a restaurant menu. C’mon…is the word “burrito” too humble? Not chic enough? Because the first wrap I saw was just an unassuming burrito with a trendy new name.

The great thing about burritos is that you can put just about anything in them. And wrapped to enclose both ends, a burrito travels well, making a terrific lunch that, depending on the ingredients, can be eaten cold or after a short turn in the microwave.

My favourite burrito is Chile Verde, but you can use anything you have handy. Vegetarian burritos are a snap, and a simple bean burrito makes a great snack. Like tacos, burritos can be served as a tasty “assemble it yourself” meal…just put out the tortillas and a variety of fillings and allow your family to build their own

The original, basic burrito is presented below, along with instructions for rolling, and variations follow. See the end of the recipe for links to recipes for tortillas, beans, Chile Verde, taco meat, salsa and guacamole..

(makes 1)

1 flour tortilla, warmed and flexible (2 if the burrito is going to be stuffed full of goodies!)
⅓ cup refried or cooked beans, hot
¼ cup grated Monterey Jack (or white Mexican) cheese
Chili sauce to taste

Lay tortilla out flat. Place beans to one side of centre and smear up and down the length of the tortilla.

Top with cheese and sprinkle with chili sauce.

Fold according to illustration.

Eat like a hot dog…hold it in your hands and bite at the top end.

Before folding, add on top of the beans any of the following hot fillings:
Chile Verde
Taco filling

– Shredded beef
– cooked rice (for a vegetarian burrito)

– shredded chicken

– shredded ham

– chopped tongue

Top the filling with as many of the following as desired:

Avocado slices

Salsa Fresca


Sour cream

Shredded cheese

Or use your imagination!

Useful links:

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